Astro’s Physics

An interesting thought stirred me awake this morning. I cannot say what began the line of thinking, but when I awoke, I had the mental picture of tiny particles in a tube of water in space, that is to say “zero-gravity,” behaving in the manner of accretion, or the rotating process that forms planets.

This is caused by gravity. But what causes the rotation of the objects in accretion’s movement? I can only tell from movies that if one releases an object in zero-gravity, it will continue in that pattern until it loses velocity, which would lead that if one released an object without letting it rotate, vibrate, or move in any way other than straightforward, it would remain so for as long as it was suspended. But, those movements are still based on a zero-gravity environment. Does gravity’s influence cause something to shift when the pull begins and the object flies towards the source of the gravity?

I imagine that the rotation is mirroring the effect of the force around it, the solar system, which in turn mirrors the movement of the surrounding galaxy. This leads me to consider that the universe itself is rotating and its centripetal force is influencing a spin on the objects inside that expanding vortex.

I’ve heard that it was to Einstein’s disappointment that the universe wasn’t a stagnant thing of finite size, but an ever-expanding thing; now theorized to be the work of accelerating “dark energy.” And if I understand it correctly, science admits to some kind of barrier at the beginning of space-time, preventing any observation beyond that point.

I can’t even begin to guess at the physics involved in explaining that, let alone prepare an equation that could solve that problem, but it seems reasonable to expect that a barrier would be there, since time’s definition expects it to have a point of origin. If you’re looking for that origin, and find it, of course there’s going to be nothing beyond it, what could there be, if nothing can be used to that “nothing?” But that’s time’s barrier; is it space’s barrier? It could be the physical accumulation of centripetal force, the ultra-pressure central area of the massive expanding, heavy universe. Or it could be the dense, heavy mass that became the remnant of the last universe – the extreme gravity preventing any current probing attempts. That may also mean that zero-gravity itself is a product of that centripetal force as the universe swings around at amazing speeds.

If our expanding universe is rotating, perhaps that shift in movement is what sparked the Big Bang in the first place. A chance shiver of the single Particle that caused some, even if immeasurably tiny, amount of friction inside its giant mass which finally upset the balance of heat and energy and whatever and plooey! But, now, that means that there is movement to measure before the Bang which adds momentum to it, as well as the “shiver” causing a direction to be given to the energy as it explodes outward, possibly making a disc-like universe, rather than one exploding from a single stationary point on a line.

With the extra movement pre-Bang, it lends itself suggestively to assume that the accelerating expansion of the universe is because of that push, dark energy just being the measurable force of the gravity that created the gravity that we can observe created by that initial movement. And if time is our unit of measurement for space’s size, then perhaps what we’ve run into as a “barrier” is just an immeasurable amount of force in something other than space.

It leads another question – maybe there’s matter still spewing from the Bang, but we are unable to see the present as we look into the past using light as the measuring tool. A disc-shaped universe would be one that would lead to space-time travel, especially using the theoretical worm hole method – one makes an undefined number of loops around the discus and being deposited at some “random” location and time. Perhaps knowing where in the universe’s loop you were would be the key to arriving at the correct destination.

I can’t even guess at what a disc-shaped, expanding universe would mean. I don’t know how to harness the energy of the current model of the universe, either. Even if things are happening “slowly” in the cosmic scheme of gazillions of years, the speed is incrementally increasing exponentially and how long before the same increments start causing noticeable changes, which lead to upsetting the already delicate balance of our solar system? There isn’t much forgiveness there in any direction.

Models formed for a lot of theoretical future demises count on this increase? How can the increase be calculated correctly when the initial momentum is unknown? That force must be added to the current force of the expanding universe.

I wonder if the older objects of the universe move slower than the younger ones. I would imagine that there is some kind of correlation of speed-to-age, but at the same time I have to admit I don’t know any way to solve or measure that.

My theory is to follow the pattern that energy given to an object in motion will have more energy than other objects who didn’t receive the energy. So each time a star is born or destroyed, the objects in that field get a substantial boost of energy to speed their way, compounded by the pre-Bang motion and then the energy of the Bang as well as the energy from their spiraling systems and then the spiraling galaxies.

Objects that “pass” each other are on different “rings” of the discus, each ring being a measurement of the charge of the infinite and expanding electromagnetic field of the universe and all objects contained in that rotating ring.

Only a planet that has life is a planet or object that grows in mass outside of collision with other objects, as, even if on a miniscule scale of infinitesimal degrees the multiplying properties of life would add weight as they grew more and more, even if they did not increase past a point of sustainability. However, in the grand scheme of cosmic gazillions of years, this would only seem as a small fluctuation of weight, easily dismissible. Still, even a fluctuation of that degree would have to have some effect on the electromagnetic field generated by a life-hosting object – amplified by the spinning, spiral movement of the giant universe at work around it.

Our life can exude physics like a signature, the proof being all that we have around us. Won’t that have some bearing on our electromagnetic field?

With the possibility of movement pre-Bang, it can be further speculated that the universe’s real shape is indeterminate simply because enough time hasn’t passed for a recognizable shape to begin. The rotation of the disc I propose could be the precursor to what may be a sphere at the universe’s end. That shape may cause an enormous gravity pull on all the whole of the universe, cooling it even faster, which may begin the contraction of the universe, the end result of that being the super-dense single Particle awaiting the next lucky “shiver.”

Or, if the multi-verse theory is true, then there is already energy floating around in the same plane that housed our own universe’s start as the single Particle and perhaps it was already rotating from the energies of the universes (or other single Particles) around it, or that’s where the nudge came from. The bang! of single Particles like popcorn.

Is that why the theory of inter-dimensional (ultra-dimensional) communication? To explain that another universe’s energy is passing through ours at the same moment in a plane of comprehension in a multi-universal scale and that it cannot interact with our energy? That’s what neutrinos are – the almost incomprehensibly, (but fast traveling), non-interacting particles slamming through our dimensional space-time (time-space?)?

It could be argued that instead of all that, each universe that passes through ours adds something to the energy and the solid, dense objects exist in that space in the plane of comprehension that all universe’s float and interact in – the accumulation of so many energies of moving multi-verses in a single space creates the spot where the energy begins the process of turning into something solid, rather than super-heated energy traveling through a rotating ring of electromagnetic charges.

If movement exists for any and all things and forms, it had to be generated from something initially. There can’t have been Bang and then movement, but movement and then Bang! Maybe two single Particles collide, the parts of impact fuse and the explosion moves outward from the fusion in the spiraling direction of the impact…; it could be any one or all of a million possibilities…

I’m going to go through them all! Stay tuned!


Justin Lehman

(originally written on Jan 3, 2015)

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