“…the rest of my life.”

It isn’t quite the first of April yet, but I just cannot sit still knowing the open path that spreads before me.

For almost five years I’ve worked at the Keg ‘n’ Cork of Springfield, OH. A brick and mortar Bastille of a different type. But, the ball and chain has loosened! I am about to be set free!

Beginning May 1, 2016, is the start of the “rest of my life.” Since I’ve managed to save up some money, I am going to take some necessary time to fully learn the craft of writing. This sounds so formal, yet it’s good news!

In an effort to be open and share, during the process, I’ll be using Facebook as a general update as to what I’m doing… or how, as the case may be. With some free time getting ready to open up, there’s a thousand things that I’d like to do, but my top priority is to diligently hone my skills in the writing field, learn some discipline regarding the craft, and then prove to myself that writing is what I was meant to do.

As sad as my departure from the Keg will be, my heart is filled with ardor and passion at this. There is no longer anything stopping me, my mind is set, my heart is steeled. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me along so that I could take this drastic step. The strength you’ve given me, the strength that I’ve found, now it will all mean something as I prove that I can do this. I won’t pretend that it will be easy and I won’t pretend that I’ll be happy every day, but that’s not enough to stop me!

So, between now and the end of April, I’ll be systematically preparing myself for that new change in direction. I can already feel Heaven smiling down on me because I’ve finally chosen something that’s right, that’s good for myself. I can’t wait! The best times of my life are just ahead of me!


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