A Continuing Explanation!

(Continuing from March 31, 2016 and  forever forward! =D)
In due course of time I hope to eventually have laid out all my massive, ridiculously slim-chanced, plan for the future of my health and well-being. And yes, that does mean writing to keep me sane…!
There isn’t much time before I have to go to work, so I’m taking the moment to explain that I’m using the Facebook (hereafter known as FB) as a sort of cataloging device to show my progress on both my book, but also the general process of overcoming all that.
I can feel myself becoming lighter by the second with my last day “on the job” nearing! For some weird reason, it’s still not April yet! Knowing that time would slow to a crawl with this even hanging over me, I’ve started doing this and that by way of preparation. I’m not setting a fine goal as to what I want to have accomplished by May 1, but it would be nice to have the majority of the book’s planning and/or character development out of the way.
(Did you know that the house is like its own character? Quadruply so since it’s Dog’s eye view!)
That’s not unrealistic, at least, not completely. Coupled with readings from lessons of “How to Write, Dummy! Yes, This Means You, Justin Lehman!” by Avery Tinginda World, it should give me enough of an idea to “Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!”
That said, since I cannot work on “the Cat!” I MUST write something, for habit’s sake. That’s what this is, also, of course. I guess as a warning: In future posts there are chances I will write in different dialects! I’ll need that practice, too, so it sounds … “natural?” That’s right, exactly. Worse, these posts will only ever be studies in the stream of consciousness since I cannot focus.
So, Facebook. Quite a monster, but, it has huge potential for me. One, it’s got room and space (and encouragement) for me to store all the info I’m digesting for research (see: movies, books, TV), but it forces me to share those things. WORSE STILL, it forces me to share those things (and these things!) with people I know, so I get to overcome that fear, too.
Now, outside of a madman’s journal, Facebook is another opportunity for me to seek out a community and find some help for my endeavors. Whether it be writing, editing, publishing, what have you. I know Facebook isn’t the only resource, believe me, but it can’t be discounted by any means. In 24hrs I’ve managed to wrangle family from across the nation, so with a few weeks of exploration, I should be able to find something pertaining to my goals. Right?
That’s where “the community” comes in. If anyone knows anything or way that I might use to get started, please let me know. I have to point out that this is help I don’t even want to ask for, it’s something I’m forcing myself to. I don’t mean notes on my work, per se, but if you know pages or groups or things (since I don’t know how Facebook works yet) that I should be aware of, pass it along. There’s no time limit on that information, either.
That’ll mean more as I build and increase my Friends and such. By keeping a focus’d “page,” it’ll be easier to understand what I’m supposed to be doing, where I’ve been, etc.
I guess I’ll have to figure out just how much “marketing of myself” I’ll have to do (tons!) and then figure out how to do that. Hooray. But, that’s why I’m starting now instead of waiting until I have the reason to. This way, I’ll have a leg-up or better, maybe somebody will know something.
The world has been pretty generous to me so far in keeping me on this path.
So many know this story, but there are those who don’t. In essence, while feelin’ good about writing one particular day, I wrote a mass e-mail to my friends Ryan, Kathleen, and my mother. I made the bold statement (my inner-muse being upset I had to quit writing and go to work) that if I could save another $1,ooo, I would quit my job. And lo, in the mail the next day was a check from the IRS for $1,ooo.
So, can’t ignore that. I even called all the “necessary people” (that’s right, I know ’em) to make sure the check was legit. It is.
I won’t go into super-detail about how I feel about that, but what looms ahead of me is something so much more than “writing.” That’s going to be a great deal of it, and in the most extreme way, to be sure. I’m going to be teaching myself things and I’m going to be upset and happy, worried and ecstatic all the time.
As much as I know I’m banking on more than a miracle, I don’t think that’s really true and while believing in myself is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to start doing, I’m. Finally. Getting. There.
On lighter notes, I wish I hadn’t given up coffee. My sister introduced me to WWOOFing, that’ll be nice to look into later. I may only have to work until 6pm today. I made the decision to get the children’s adaptation of the movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens!” at Kroger’s and study it. I haven’t yet, I only decided to do that yesterday and I haven’t been to the store yet. Since I’ve seen the movie, the story will be somewhat familiar and maybe easier to break down.
Since it did so well as a story, maybe it’ll provide vital clues to success! Though, in terms of story, it couldn’t be further from my own. That isn’t important, though. I know Kroger’s has the book, I’ve seen it. It’s …thin, to say the least. That’s good and bad, now I know that part of my process will be to trim away and trim away so that I can build and polish.
But even that isn’t important right now, getting “black on white” is.
I can never think about writing at work, but I always hope to do so. Maybe instead of thinking about the story, I’ll try to look at things differently (like from a Dachshund’s POV) or something. Do the ol’ “kid trick” of using my imagination again.
I still use it! I still ask “Why…?” constantly. The questions have become profoundly more adult as I’ve aged, though. Thankfully, I’ve retained my child’s heart, whether a hindrance in life or not, in this venture it will save me!
As I said to my sister in an e-mail: “We’re all born on the same Earth, so we all share our common ground.”
Good luck today, all of us!

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