(an anti-poem! < ?)

It started simply enough, a shy look, a corner glance. A forceful meeting of the eyes. Quick, casual, enough to be drawn in. Hungry curiosity, almost no space, can’t be close enough.

Then, no! More people near. And more. Other looks, other hands, swallowed in the multitudes. Even an eternal instant not long enough.

The return, every day. The open street, a whole empty world between in the searching absence. Surely there was a reason? Surely you must visit, walk, shop, see. Surely you must exist? Depart, not desperate enough.

The dull roar of a million voices. The crowd, with hungrier eyes, more hands, never enough. Follow the swarm, another hand out, more eyes.

But others. They shroud and tarnish, their hands not close enough. It’s not the same, anger here, as well.

Nothing new, patient enough, understanding. But now, invisible enough.

A simple gesture, a new look, beg enough. The open Heaven and the punished Earth. The escape.

The shy look, the corner glance, curious, hungry. Alone enough, quick. Hands, eyes, not near enough.

Then more people. Pull away, another plea, gruesome glances, more hands. Defeated enough, swallowed, even the light gone.

The many shadows, the tarnish, but clean enough. More hands, never arms, the true difference enough.

The first smile, starved. Desperate, a predator’s mouth. Sharp, yellowed teeth. Wicked grin, surrounded enough.

Building hunger, the rising terror, hands, claws, teeth. Close, near, is it enough? With each new look, each new hand, a new soul to beg.

Some go into the smile and teeth, some into the eye and claw. Some strike and some are stricken, some want to. Brutal control is control enough.

**Illustration done in MS Paint, by Justin Lehman**

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