“Something Wicked This Way is Already Present and Scary…”



A Kardashian-style return to social media!

It seems like social media has given rise to a new kind of mob mentality. It’s unsurprising, though. It’s simple tech, usable by anyone. It only took a few years (maybe shorter) for people to realize that even the empty were using it. The empty who could be filled with someone else’s thoughts and spurred into action.

I can’t be the only one to speak about this. This year in particular was hugely bad. Why point fingers, it doesn’t matter. In reality, there are too many who are guilty to even begin to call them out.

But, seriously, have your own [expletive] thoughts from now on. Don’t believe it because you read it and it has a picture… usually not even relative to the text, and doctored up to be even more offensive than usual. That’s the purpose, though, complete and abject manipulation of all subjects.

Trump is president now, cause for alarm? We may even have to tear down the Statue of Liberty since it stands for everything we are now “against” as a nation.

Does our figurehead really change who we are as a nation? Pull your heads out of your butts, get some strength of heart and conviction, and think!

It’s so shameful to see this crap. Even avoiding it for so long, purposefully, it can’t be fully ignored, because that’s the “how” of it. Spread the “word” broad enough and someone somewhere will be affected and do the nefarious bidding.

I mean, why riots? I would imagine, mostly, because they were forecasted. If there hadn’t been the fear-mongering over it, the fake “worry” and “concern,” maybe they might not have been empowered to try. But, once the big talk was made, the conditions were satisfied, the riots had to happen, right? Science! They had to happen because people expected them to. And there were those who thought it would be a good idea… and why would you think that? When has pain and hurt ever helped… someone other than you, of course.

(General “you,” world, I don’t mean any specific, shameful idiot too base to have an owned thought.)

I don’t disagree or agree with the riots, or more accurately, I refuse to comment on them at all. Ah, beyond what I’ve said already.

There’s a safety pin brigade. I learned about it, you wear a safety-pin, broadcast to the world that you’re a “safe person.” Safe from what, exactly? And when a movement is televised, even for good or positive reasons, it becomes a tool. Not that it’s bad or wrong, but in that same instant it also created another fighting force, though under the guise of peace.

This can be abused, too, by both sides. And how long until one “type” is lent aid, another spurned? Probably already, thus minimizing (or negating, really) the peaceful message.

I don’t understand. There’s a not-so-quiet desperation to run our country into the ground by our moral-less actions, no matter who is on the throne. And I know, the cry is for what? “”Equality?” “Sameness?” “Being fair?” No, it isn’t. No, it [expletive] isn’t. It’s greed, frustration, the same “righteous indignation” when one doesn’t get their way when they feel entitled to it.

The attitude going into the election was poor. It only got worse.

What have you all become? What excuse can you all make? (Because it certainly won’t be a reason.)

There’s, like, eight smart people in all of social media, maybe a few comedians, and the rest of us follow that crap like it’s truth. It’s not. It’s opinion. Maybe not even yours, dummies, but you’ve given up so much to be part of “something,” even brutal, stupid, pointless hatred, that there’s no going back for you. Enjoy it, you’re a prisoner, too.

True for any of us. The “groups” we’ve chosen have now become us. Our heart is … well, a rotting chunk of disgust because it hasn’t been fed something from the self in a long while… and it belongs to the “mob.”

So, get it together. Dunno who said it, but it was a black man, “All I know is, how we ever gonna get back up if this is how we get down?” Wise words, aimed at a more turbulent time than this. What, is a person/minority going to have too many rights? Are any of those things really real, anyway? It’s a stinkin’ matter of privilege, just as it always has been, subject for approval… even if the Constitution has to be re-written first.

As long as any party is willing to FIGHT and not FORGIVE, ACCUSE instead of UNDERSTAND, there won’t be peace. You aren’t going to get peace with violence, abuse, and a lack of want to share anything with your fellow man. That’s stupid!

It isn’t just here, there’s dischord every where. There’s people willing to fight and die just so someone “underprivileged” can’t have or do. And what is “underprivileged” anyway? The weak, the needy, those who can’t fight back?

We’re all so brave to pick on the down-trodden, the helpless, the have-nots.

Put your [expletive] hand out in peace!

It’s harder and harder to care about the world anymore, especially when (most) everyone is hell-bent on carrying the flames of destruction. I hope, with great, grand sincerity, that one day we feel what it’s like to be on the other side of all that. “Tit-for-tat” or “eye for an eye” or “abject terror and violence born of ignorant hatred” seems to be the way of it now. As well as the only thing understood by people that commit the same acts of terror that they condemn.

Yeah, that’s some great nation we’re going to build on that philosophy… again, no matter what slob of flesh sits at the head.

I’m not fully tolerant, either. I’ve seen a lot, though, and of all the evil done to me, the one person I’ve never forgiven is my self. I’m trying, I really am… and it’s hard. Extremely. But I don’t take my insecurities out on others, I don’t form my opinions based on what side is “losing,” whether black or white, Mexican or Muslim. They’re all people, like me. Hurting, scared, alone, and shivering in the dark.

It doesn’t matter. I don’t care what color your hair/skin is, if you’re a [expletive] dummy, then you’re a dummy. If we let others do our thinking for us, it’s no better than wearing actual chains.

Aesop (or Barbarus) said it (paraphrased for the ignorant) – “Blessings are useless without freedom.” And what freedom is there when people are afraid to go to the market, or take their kids to our failing schools?

If people can’t eat, if they can’t drink, if they’re cold, exposed, purposefully uneducated, what good is “freedom” then? And how are we fighting these things? Oh, that’s right, by fighting each other, by picking on the poor, the tired, those yearning to be free.

[expletive] grow up and try working towards something positive with others. And you know it’s positive, because it vibrates the entire being and radiates a kind of warmth that, until recently, I didn’t even recognize as love. It’s a physical sensation tantamount to no other!

Smile at your enemy. If you truly hate them and believe yourself superior (for whatever excuse), then that’s revenge enough. It’s reason enough to give a smile. Violence is a tool of the weak and the dumb.

Is that us? Is that our nation? Is that we stand for? Where’s the “we” and “us” in it? It can’t mean for the select few.

“Ignorance until death!” Because learning and accepting and becoming something more than we are is worth less than that?

I’ve got bad news for all of us. The world will be here when our pettiness has destroyed us. Even better, you who hate the “inferior,” they may be the only ones to survive, since they have no part of this utter ridiculousness.

And worst yet, the actions taken are so weak, simple, and poorly planned as to have not been effective at all, so the message you’ve sent is one of being afraid and being incompetent. Good impression, I look forward to more uselessness out of all of you, all of it coated in so thin a patina of “we’re right!” that I can only smile at you.

Because you’re dumb, (since I know you won’t get it), and wrong.

A message I know as false doesn’t sink in, no matter how wisely or friendly its delivery. Without explanation, usually, again, because it wasn’t a personal thought anyway and so no expansion/understanding has been achieved.

And a smile isn’t a show of acceptance, but it does show that I’m not going to fight. And yes, just as in the ’60s when Civil Rights were granted and our nation erupted in (more) violence then, I understand that smiling and “being different” is the same as asking for violent treatment.

I don’t care. The blessed end result of violence is that we don’t have to live in this heartbreak anymore. If hate is your voice, then you get nothing but that in return.

I know. I’m a good example of living proof, (the aforementioned self-hate), and it’s bred in me a bitterness of an indescribable kind.

Some of this nonsense will pass, I understand that, too. What is it going to leave behind?

How many scars and wounds are enough?

Put down your weapons, think, and grow.


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